Wednesday, August 27, 2008

I'm working on my house

So I have been finding more goodies and putting things together in my house. I need to hurry! I'm having several get togethers here soon and it should look like a home, right?

Here is a wall in my eating area that just begged for family photos, don't you think? I hear you saying, oh yeah! I picked up the wooden "family" piece in Utah when I was visiting with Wendybell one time. I love it, so that was the beginning. Well I finally found some of my favorite family photos in one of those many boxes still in the garage, so I pulled them out and hung a few up. I know there are more of my favorites out there. I still have room on that wall, so that is fine. The bad part is, every time I move I change how and where I display my photos. Do I need to go out and buy all new frames that match? Arrrgghhhhh, I don't want to have to do that, but this is bugging me. I know I need to reframe a few of them - for sure. Oh well, for now those happy faces are looking at me, and I like that much of it.

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Ben & Annalee said...

What are those things above the family pics? Did that come with the house...are they windows? They are so cool. I like the pics. I like the pic of Ben with his siblings but I really like the pic of your entire family of when Ben was like 4. You e-mailed it over. It's so cute. You guys are all wearing peach or something. We need a boy but then hope that boy looks just like Ben. :) Oh and I like your ball of fluff picture....oh wait, I mean Kylee. We actually just mailed some pics of Kylee to you and Wendy on Thursday. I guess you'll get them next week. Then you can buy some frames, hehe.