Thursday, January 28, 2010


I got back to Arizona late last night, but didn't get home until later this evening. I'm kind of worn out! Standing for that many hours every day is tough on the feet and legs. It was a lot of fun though! I really enjoyed sharing all the new Spellbinders products - lots of wonderful new die templates and the big reveal of the *********** PRESTO PUNCH***************!!!!!! If you don't know what I am talking about, be sure to visit the Spellbinders blog to get all the information.

I personally can't wait to get all the new dies! They are awesome!

I am too tired to upload much right now, but hopefully tomorrow I can share more and do the tutorial on the hinge ice cream cone card. That is - IF anyone wants to see it. Leave a comment if you want me to do the tutorial!

I'm going to have some blog candy coming really soon too! Keep your eyes pealed!!!!


Margie H said...

ME! ME!! ME!!!
I'm screaming for ice cream :)
Hope you are the road to recovering from CHA! It takes me a few days ;0P

TexasGrammy said...

Me 2! Me 2!
And don't you worry about necessary "recovery from CHA" time ... I totally understand!

On a side note, what a divine treat to have met you in Anaheim! Still smilin' for sure!


Cre8tive Granny said...

Yes! I always like to see new tutorials and the ice cream card was so cute. Hope you are recovering from CHA quickly. I would love to go to that someday.