Friday, March 13, 2009

And where have I been?

Playing with grandkids! That's just about the only thing that gets me away from my addiction, er, I mean hobby!

Sunday I went to my grand niece's birthday party. Hey, I didn't even take a photo of the birthday girl. Oooo, I guess I'm not much of a great aunt! She's 2!

Tuesday night I got to go to my grandson's band concert. He plays drums. It was amazingly good, especially after having attended a few elementary school band concerts. lol Sorry, no photos of him either. The percussionists are in the way back and you can't even see them on the stage!

Thursday was my youngest grandson's birthday! Oh what fun! I gave him one of his gifts (a hula hoop) a few days early, and he learned to use it within minutes! Not long after that he had his and his sister's hula hoops going at the same time! He is an amazing child! He is super coordinated and smart! I told his Mom she could have sent him to kindergarten as a four year old and no one would have known he wasn't 5. lol He asked his Mom to make him Cookie Monster cupcakes, and she did a great job on them.

And last but not least, I got to see my youngest little granddaughter. She is walking all over the place now and so much fun! This photo was shot as she was enjoying her dinner of avocado and yogurt! Yum!

So, as you can see, I had a great time with the kids!


Wendy said...

Those are some cute babies. What a fun filled week. And you didn't even mention that you finally had to leave because they are so dang LOUD!!!

Terri H. said...

Karen, I'm so glad that you had such a nice week with your little sweeties. I'm happy that your posted some pictures of them. They are adorable! Hugs friend.

Ben and Annalee said...

awww, what a fun week! Those cupcakes were yummy. Kylee's bangs got trimmed yesterday!