Sunday, November 23, 2008

There are other things!

So, you know there are other things than cards to create, so I wanted to show you my altered clipboard. The challenge on SCS was to use chocolate. Well this paper is really a beautiful showing of chocolate, don't you think? This was much easier than I thought it was going to be. I just took the 12X12 paper and cut it to fit the front of the clipboard. Now, how do you go around that clip? I just notched out the top of the paper so it would slide right up to the clip. Then there were two bare little triangles left, so I just took a bitty scrap and glued it under my main paper there. You really can't tell when all is said and done. I used mod podge to glue my paper down and then applied a couple of layers to the top of it. The trick was finding a way to keep that clip up while it dried. I tied it open to allowe drying time. I added a beautiful ribbon bow and some punches of the same paper. Now I wish I had mod podged them too, just to make them a bit sturdier and the same sheen. Oh well - lesson learned. The problem with it now is, it is just too pretty to cover up! lol What do you think of my chocolate clipboard?


Jilly Bean said...

Yup. Very pretty.

Melinda Ford said...

Wow, that's beautiful...I found your blog from Jill's page. LOL. Go figure we would both like the same things! You really did a great job. Sigh, makes me want to do one.

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