Tuesday, October 21, 2008

What a great day! Well, almost!

Oh what fun! I got together with Terri, Me, Barbara, TJ, Melissa, Jean and Chat for lunch and a swap. Awesome cards, but even better is the friendship. Thanks ladies! I just love getting together with you! Here is a photo of my friends at lunch! Sorry it is so out of focus!

TJ (Mel's little boy) developed a HUGE crush on Barbara's daughter, Kelsey at lunch. What a cute couple they are! Look at those TJ eyes! Mmmmmmm!

But just before I was leaving my house I got a call from my sister telling me she had broken her back! Oh my word! I couldn't believe it. The poor dear! Yikes! She was riding in a speed boat when they slammed onto the quake from another boat and bam, she broke her back in two places. She lived with it for a couple of days before going to the hospital and finding out what had happened. Oooooo, I feel so badly for her.

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Barbara Welch said...

Thanks Karen for making this lunch and swap so much fun!