Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Cooking? It's not really my thing anymore.

So now that there are just two of us at home (okay, so I'm making excuses) cooking is just not that much fun for me. We go out to eat a lot, and it's pretty expensive. So, I thought I would try to cut the costs a bit, going to a local place where you make your dinner entrees and freeze them. My daughter had gone to this one and thought they were very good. Okay, I'll give it a try. $156 for 12 dinners for 2-3 people.

So last Saturday my daughter and I went and prepared our meals. Now I have a tiny freezer, so I only brought home a few of mine and left the others in my daughter's freezer.

Sunday evening I cooked our first one - Chicken and Cheese Enchiladas. I made some Spanish Rice to go with them and heated them according to the directions. Well, I don't really like red enchilada sauce all that much, so I am not crazy about this one. My dh said he prefers my old sour cream chicken enchiladas, but of course they are way way unhealthier than this recipe. We ate only half of them and saved the other two for another day. Now when we eat them I will warm up some green enchilada sauce and add that. I'm sure I will like it more.

Last night we had a guest for dinner and I made the Balsamic honey glazed pork medallions. It is a very easy recipe and it smelled oh so good. I also made some oven roasted red potatoes and a salad. There was plenty for the three of us and I even had left overs for my lunch today. I think I over cooked the pork just a bit, but it was really good and I will enjoy having this one again!

I really love having a quick dinner ready to make. This is a great idea and is really pretty economical for the two of us. It was fun putting them together with my daughter. It really was easy, as everything you need is right there, all chopped, cubed or whatever and ready to assemble. As MS would say, "It's a good thing." lol


Terri H. said...

Hey Karen, I tried one of those cooking places here in Omaha, and I'd have to say I didn't really care much for the recipes, but the dinners were nice to have on hand every once in awhile. Now, onto your pork recipe--you must share. It sounds yummy my friend!

Wendy said...

Yum, Yum, I have liked everything from this new place. I think we've had 7 things so far, and we have liked everything and would eat it again. I think it's really fun to put the meals together and they do all of the shopping, prep & clean-up so it's really fun to leave all of your dishes there. Plus, I got to see my mom for a little while.

Ben and Annalee said...

cute cards! How nice to have "challenges" every day. Maybe I should have those "hey, get dressed and don't were comfy pants! "hey, do your hair today, put on some make up" Those would be good challenges, don't you think? I can't wait to try this place out. Hopefully I can go with next time! Oh and you can cook for us any 'ole time.