Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Poor baby!

So, being the good Nana I am, I took two of my little grandchildren to the park yesterday. Connor loves to swing and get that tickle in his tummy. I was pushing him on the swing and getting him higher when he lost his grip and went flying! He landed on the thick rubberized mat, but was really crying about his leg hurting. I really hoped it would get better after the shock wore off, but it didn't - in fact, it got worse. So, off to the urgent care for an x-ray. His leg has a small break in it. Poor little fellow. He is the youngest in his family and is the only one that has had stitches, and now a broken bone. I feel so sorry for him. Poor little guy!


Ben & Annalee said...

poor guy but his cast is blue, how sweet is that! give him hugs and kisses for us. And you are a good Nana, swinging is fun! Now he has a cool story to tell.

Elizebeth said...

Oh that's no fun! I broke my wrist last year, through both bones and spent 7 weeks hopped up on Percocet. It was more painful than giving birth!

Denise Bryant said... daughter fell at the park and broke her arm at 17 months old. I felt so bad...she slipped and I couldn't get to her to catch her.