Thursday, December 16, 2010

Making Tamales

A few years ago my daughter and I made some veggie tamales. OH YUM! We like them better than the meat ones. It is becoming a tradition to make them around Christmas. We didn't get to make them last year, as she was getting ready to get married January 2. This year, we scheduled it in. Look how much fun we are having!

We wanted an audience this year, so we invited my darling niece Lori to join us so she could see how to do it. Not that we are experts at all, but we have done it a couple of times. lol She brought her darling little girls with her. They were super good and watched some wonderful TV shows while we worked.

Here is the ever so cute Lolo. She got the hang of it right off.
This is the yummy filling - lots of granulated garlic, diced yellow squash, diced zuchinni, onion, and freshly roasted green chiles. Mmmmm, the house smelled so good. We also put LOTS of that garlic in the masa.
Schmear a little of the masa on a soaked corn husk and add the filling and a bit o' cheese.
Now wrap it (kind of like a burrito) . We tied one end to make these adorable little packets.
Now you steam them. We used a pressure cooker and steamed them for 40 minutes. Let them cool. We ate some, and will freeze some for later.

Thanks for joining us Lolo, and for taking these marvelous photos. Let's do it again next year!


Lesa said...

They look so good! Yummy! We have made them in the past. Going to have to try some veggie ones. :) (((((((((((hugs)))))))))))))

Dawn said...

oh YUM you deliver?!

Lolo said...

I'm having yummy flashbacks! Thanks so much, that was such a fun time!

elle pee said...

Wow, wow, wowwww! What a lovely idea for Christmas (little packages).

Beautiful photos, too!


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Mary Leeson said...

Oh what a joy to have read this post! What memories it brought back for me. I loved the post. On Christmas eve my mother would make tamales for us to eat after we came home from midnight mass and then on to opening presents! What a treat that was for us and what a treat to have found your blog.

Bless ya~

Bev Gerard said...

Oh my word .... what a yummy-fun idea!
I'm in awe .... and my mouth is watering.
Hats off to you girls!

Happy New Year!