Sunday, August 30, 2009

Which tool rules?

So, I am sure it is quite obvious I am a huge fan of Spellbinders products, and I hope you are too. If you are, or if you would like to support my addiction and art, please go vote for Spellbinders Impressabilities as part of this contest.

This is an adventure sponsored by When Creativity Knocks! It’s a chance for you to participate by voting for the Spellbinders Impressabilities as your favorite craft tool! Voting begins August 28 at midnight (PST) and ends on September 8, 2009 at midnight (PST).

Just register and log in at the When Creativity Knocks homepage, go to the Creativity Forum. Select Categories, and then scroll down to the Great Crafter’s Tool Hunt section, select Spellbinders Impressabilities, and leave a brief message in the forum. You can even watch a short video of the Impressabilities in action! There is a vote button you need to click to vote for Impressabilities. Then, to verify it you will need to do the math in the little square. This is confusing because it says to type what you see. That's not quite right - it really wants the answer to the math problem. Just a little head's up from me to you.

Why should you vote? Everyone who votes will be put into a drawing to win the big prize package including one of each nominated tool! I know you love prizes!

What does Spellbinders get? When the Impressabilities win the most votes (thanks to you all!), Spellbinders will win a full-length episode featuring the Spellbinders Impressabilities and be featured on the When Creativity Knocks website as the When Creativity Knocks Best Tool and receive a trophy! Wahoo! We love trophies!

So go ahead and join me in voting for the Spellbinders Impressabilities, and we can all win!

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