Monday, April 20, 2009


I just went to a fantastic gardening seminar and learned so much! You should check out this information. You can get 10X the yield from your garden, be it veggies, flowers or whatever. lol You know the seminar was fantastic because I sat in the 94 degree heat four hours listening to the guy.

What is the Mittleider Method?
The Mittleider Method combines the best features of soil-based gardening and hydroponic gardening, but without hydroponic expense! It's a complete, easy-to-follow plan that eliminates guesswork and ensures success anywhere: an apartment patio, a city yard, a country lot, or a farm.

The method is based on maximum utilization of space, time, and resources. Crops are large because plants are close together, nourished by supplemental feedings of natural mineral nutrients (as in hydroponics), but with no special equipment.

Also, unlike hydroponics, the Mittleider Method gives plants access to the natural soil for nutrients as yet unknown or that, while not essential to plant growth, are useful in human nutrition. You can use the Mittleider Method by raising crops in either soil-beds or grow-boxes.

Here is a link to the information. I believe it will even give you a bit of a discount on the products if you click this link.

This is a link to a blog created with wonderful recipes using the bounty of your garden.

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