Friday, July 17, 2009

We have a winner!

Good morning, and thanks for stopping by! I have chosen a winner for my Christmas Tree card. And the winner is:

Melanie!!!!! Melanie said... oh you are a meaney - can't wait to see them! hehehe.

Thanks for visiting my blog Melanie. You have 24 hours to leave a comment here and your snail mail address. If I don't hear from Melanie by 9:00 tomorrow morning, I will choose another name.


Melanie said...

Oh Wow - I'm glad I like to pop back to your blog often. - I'm feeling a bit privelidged and glad I did it today. Thank you so much Karen and I look forward to seeing more of your wonderful creations.

My snail mail is
2 Forsyth Street
New Zealand

imastampin said...

Melanie lives in New Zealand! Wow! I'm so excited to have visitors from all over the world! Thanks Melanie. I will get the card in the mail to you!


Kim P said...

Ooohh Melanie is a lucky girl!

Melanie said...

Yes Thank you -I am feeling very lucky.

Melanie said...

Thank you my card arrived last Wednesday. Of course it is more gorgeous in real life. I have put it up with last years Christmas cards which are still up - LOL - The kiddies like to look at them - really - not laziness - promise.