Thursday, July 2, 2009

Let's try that again -

I'm sorry to say I never heard from Cre8tive Granny, so I had to choose another name to win the card.


The winner is Yvette! Yea Yvette! I need your snail mail address so I can send this card off to you!

If I don't hear from Yvette by July 5th, I will try again! Or maybe I will just keep it. lol


UPDATE: Yvette has already sent me her snail mail address. Congratulations Yvette.


Lesa said...

WHAT? She didn't claim it? :(

Yvette said...

Yipeeeeee!!!! It's mine :D .... I'm sending you my address!!!! Thank you sooooooo much!!! I cannot wait to get it into my little hands!!! Thanks Karen!!!

HELLO my name is Jill said...

oohhhh cre8tive granny is gonna cry when she gets home from vacation!

Cre8tive Granny said...

Jill was absolutely correct, it's Cre8tive Granny and I've been away on vacation and sadly missed the great card giveaway... so sad, but glad someone else could enjoy the beauty of it. Thanks Karen for the chance to win... maybe another time...